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Hydronic Heating Common Problems


Hydronic Heating systems are exceptionally reliable. However, like with all automatic systems, components or parts will inevitably break down at some point. Regular servicing of your heating system will increase its lifespan and reliability Common servicing work includes:

Power Flushing

Just Hydronic Heating recommends that all hydronic heating systems be power flushed every ten years. We have the specialised equipment to perform this task and keep your system running at optimal performance.

Sludge and scale cost too much

Corrosion debris accumulates very quickly in an untreated system, lime-scale deposits in the boiler and black metal oxide sludge in radiators reduce heat transfer and can waste 20% of your fuel bill.

Air in radiators

A radiator can quickly become cold at the top indicating either air or hydrogen in the system. Hydrogen gas builds up as a by-product of electrolytic corrosion. Over time, if left untreated, this can lead to radiators with coli spots in the bottom and central areas, due to a build-up of sludge restricting flow and reducing heat transfer.

Pump failure and seizure

Untreated and un-serviced systems can lead to the abrasive and magnetic properties of black oxide sludge causing increased bearing and shaft wear in pumps, or potentially causing them to fail completely.

Noisy Boilers

Deposits of scale and sludge build up in unprotected boilers, causing noise to increase over time.

Protective Agent Levels

Have your system inspected and serviced regularly by a qualified hydronic heating specialist. We will check the level of the protective agents, Long Life 100 and/or Long Life 500 during the service.

Heating System Cleansing

Heating systems should be regularly cleansed and rinsed before installing a new boiler. There is a difference between cleansing and rinsing. Cleansing involves the use if a chemical, such as Long Life 300 if the system is new or Long Life 400 or 800 for partly or very compromised systems. Rinsing uses mains water to remove any debris or residues still circulating in the system after using a cleanser, usually in conjunction with Superflush 40 flushing machine.

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